Morning tease session.

Yesterday morning during my tease and deny session, as usual I am begging my wife to allow me to cum, as usual she said NO. And then she said, you don't ever need to cum again because you generate a huge amount of pre-cum.

She could demand that I do, but she never does.

My wonderful wife changed her mind and allowed multiple orgasms in November. She loves for me to cum in her pussy or on her pussy for a ruined orgasm, but she does not like the fact that I am down for a couple of day after I cum. I don't want to lick her pussy … Continue reading She could demand that I do, but she never does.

Who knows

My wife is not a mean dominant, she always wants the best for other people including me. She accepts me as her true submissive and not just a sex game we play. We are retired and I handle the investments but she decides how we spend money...a new sewing machine, and new deck on our … Continue reading Who knows

A new record.

It’s been 35 days since my last orgasm and that’s a new record. Usually I have an accident and a ruined orgasm somewhere between 8 and 12 days…seems to get easier and I can control myself better after 2 weeks. My wife gives me 2 tease and deny sessions every morning, one before and one … Continue reading A new record.

I’ll play, from Succulent Savage.

•Been Married Y •Been divorced Y •Fell in love Y •Skipped school N •Watched someone give birth Y •Watched someone die Y •Been to Canada Y•Ridden in an ambulance N •Been to Hawaii N •Been to Europe Y •Been to Las Vegas Y •Been to Washington D.C Y•Been to Texas Y•Visited Florida Y•Visited Mexico Y•Seen the Grand Canyon in person Y•Flown in a helicopter Y•Been on a cruise Y •Served … Continue reading I’ll play, from Succulent Savage.