A new record.

It’s been 35 days since my last orgasm and that’s a new record. Usually I have an accident and a ruined orgasm somewhere between 8 and 12 days…seems to get easier and I can control myself better after 2 weeks. My wife gives me 2 tease and deny sessions every morning, one before and one … Continue reading A new record.

“NO” seems tp be the answer going forward.

After reading many sexy blogs over the past year, it seams that Covid has been hard on other parts of the country and world. I live in Ohio and my wife and I go about are business like we always do. Lucky for us, we returned from a Florida vacation last year right about the … Continue reading “NO” seems tp be the answer going forward.

I’ll play, from Succulent Savage.

•Been Married Y •Been divorced Y •Fell in love Y •Skipped school N •Watched someone give birth Y •Watched someone die Y •Been to Canada Y•Ridden in an ambulance N •Been to Hawaii N •Been to Europe Y •Been to Las Vegas Y •Been to Washington D.C Y•Been to Texas Y•Visited Florida Y•Visited Mexico Y•Seen the Grand Canyon in person Y•Flown in a helicopter Y•Been on a cruise Y •Served … Continue reading I’ll play, from Succulent Savage.