Ruined Orgasms

Over the past year I've become somewhat of an expert on ruined orgasms.  My wife has a thing for them, and I don't know if I will ever get another full blown orgasm. The ruined orgasms you see on porn sites are not really ruined orgasm, there is no hang time.  They stop stimulation when … Continue reading Ruined Orgasms

She stopped just in time

She woke up as I was next to her in bed, masturbating like crazy.  She said "it's 12:30 in the morning".  I said "so, I can't masturbate at 12:30 in the morning"?  Then she said "how about if I help you", and grabbed  little willy, and gently moved her hand up and down, as I … Continue reading She stopped just in time

Female led marriage

These are excerpts from an interesting article I read about a female led marriage. In a wife led marriage, the wife controls sex. Either she allows her husband to indicate an interest in sex, to which she responds positively or negatively, or she reserves the initiation of sex entirely to herself. In either case, the wife … Continue reading Female led marriage