I was getting too close.

Yesterday, early morning, I wake up very horny, I know I can’t cum, but I start masturbating anyway.  My wife wakes up and starts helping me, and I’m wet with pre cum, and then I feel very wet, and I’m thinking, “did I just have a ruined orgasm” I didn’t feel anything, and I’m still very horny.

Anyway, she didn’t stop, and I didn’t tell her I was getting too close, and then it happened, I had a wonderful full blown orgasm.  I told her I was sorry, but she just said “you deserved it”.  It was the first one since February, but that one was more like a ruined orgasm.  It was the first one since last November that came with fireworks.

Now I’m going through a few days of down time.  I would trade my few seconds of extreme pleasure for the constant pleasure of being very horny and on edge all the time.

12 thoughts on “I was getting too close.

  1. Man, I feel your pain :-).
    But once in a while it is nice to have a full orgasm even though the energy level goes down with it for a while. I had an orgasm on Sunday, at my Wife’s wish, after two weeks of no cumming and with plenty of sex and Her orgasms in between. I prefer to be perpetually horny, but if my Wife says She wants me to cum, I have no choice and I get pleasure from obeying Her. I had to masturbate and ejaculate on her tummy, but no cum eating. Oh well…

    Are you saying that your hornyness will be gone for days or just your abilty to have sex? I get horny and reafy to please again soon enough and I can get hard again within an hour. It is not the same as before the orgasm though and I can feel a drop in overall energy for a while. I probably need a day or two to feel fully recuperated again, more if I have frequent orgasms, which is why I hate it (the last time I had several orgasm in quick succession was last year).

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    1. Yes, my horniness will be gone for days (maybe it’s because of my age). My horniness may be back after a couple of days, but not at the same level of about 10 days. That’s when it gets really good.


  2. I think your naughtiness is more to do with not telling your Mistress you were getting close to cumming… but the masturbation would have also earned me punishment.

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    1. Same here. I would get punished too if I was caught like this, it happened in the past. And not lightly anf for fun, for real. But it seems his Wife aproved of it, so it wasn’t really an unauthorized masturbation.

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    1. Have you talked to her about how the lack of punishment makes you feel? I know I had to explain that corrections for poor behaviour is the only way for me to be able to forgive myself. I’m much harder on myself than any correction could make me feel BUT it does make me feel forgiven and allows me to move on.
      If you feel similar it might be a worthy conversation to have.

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  3. Cincy34, do you miss the punishment component? Not a staged punishment, a real one for something that your partner really hates? I know I would miss it. I was forced to drop unauthorized masturbation by my Wife a few years ago and I get punished strictly if I do it, so I do my best to avoid it. It’s been months since my last anauthorized ejaculation.

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    1. I am hoping she will come up with some sort of punishment, I did discuss it with her last night. She said “well you do have to do your clean up duty” but she knows that is no longer a punishment but is now a reward, and is the best part of any orgasm. I told her that people were surprised that I don’t get any punishment and she was wondering what kind of punishment they would recommend.


  4. Corrections for me never include spanking I enjoy it too much so discipline for me is to stand in the corner, naked from 15 minutes to three quarters of an hour. I loathe it, and therefore I do my best to be good. You sound as if you have a very loving woman that cherishes you. I am disciplined for cumming without permission. However edge play can be a challenge too.


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