It just makes me feel so submissive.

I usually get a pee treat every morning, and she promised that one day a month I could have all her pee. A couple of days age, she kept that promise, and I can usually keep up with her flow, but on that day she really let me have it. I couldn’t take it all, but it was sure a lot of fun trying. Nothing makes me feel more submissive to my wonderful, dominant wife.
I lay on a towel, under my porta potty, with another rolled up towel under my head, so my mouth is right against her pussy. When she is done, she gives me a couple of minutes to lick her pussy and tongue fuck her ass. It gives me something to look forward to every morning.

5 thoughts on “It just makes me feel so submissive.

  1. My Queen drinks 4-5 litres of water everyday. She has occasionally fed me beverage for most of the day, but honestly she pees so much I was like a fountain too. But as you suggest, it was a lot of fun.

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  2. I never experienced this but I would love to. It sure is a very erotic and submissive act. The most my Wife let me do, and even that very rarely, is lick her clean after peeing. It’s nice, but I am ready for more…

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  3. Hi Cincy:
    I missed this post until today. I am so glad to see some other Women are forcing their man to drink them. I was feeling I am very different than most Femdom wife’s. Not on purpose but just because of what I think shows him my Dominance over him.

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