That’s the way she wants to keep me.

I woke up around 3 am really horny, and started to masturbate, until I felt a lot of pre cum, so I stopped, and started rubbing Baby Doll’s pussy.  She woke up and started jerking on little willy, and I was getting really wet, so she said “I better stop”.  I felt the sheet and there was a puddle, and said “I think I had a ruined orgasm”…”lick it up and see”.

It was cum, and I did not feel a thing, and I was still horny as hell, so she got on the edge of the bed and gave me a wonderful tease and deny session, and this time, she made me stop in time.

We both agreed, that if I am going to have a ruined orgasm, that is the best kind.  I get to cum, and I remain really, really horny, and that’s the way she wants to keep me, for all time.

4 thoughts on “That’s the way she wants to keep me.

  1. Nice one. I would get severely punished if my Wife found me wanking like this next to Her.

    I know this kind of ruined orgasm, it really is the best, in my case I can maintain the erection and all the lust and after a few seconds I can continue with fucking. But there is a very thin line (just a stroke or two) between this and the other utterly frustrating kind of ruined orgasm with similarly dribbling ejaculation but with no satisfection and immediate drop in horniness and worst of all – my dick gets limp and useless.

    Do you really not feel anything with a ruined orgasm like this? To me it feels like an orgasm of a lot lesser intensity than with a full one, maybe 30% intensity. It is a little frustrating, because I want more, but I can resist the urge to continue thrusting (or stroking) to a full orgasm. And the semen just dribbles out, the quantity is less than wit a full orgasm.

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  2. With most of my ruined orgasms, I feel a little pleasure and have post O drop that last for a few hours, Vs a few days with a full blown orgasm. With a few ruined orgasms, I feel no pleasure and have no post O drop. When I tell my wife that I felt no pleasure she always says “good”, not because she is mean, but because I stay very horny and on edge, and totally devoted to her.

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    1. Ok, thanks for clarifying. I guess these things are highly personal and everybody is different.
      I wish you many ruined orgasms with zero post orgasmic drop 🙂 And please keep posting.

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