A day in the life of a submissive husband pt3

So, after my early afternoon tease and deny session, it’s mostly a lazy afternoon of watching TV, or catching up on additional chores, maybe finishing up on a few loads of laundry.  Sometimes I just lay on the couch and ask her if I can masturbate…she used to always say no, but know she always says yes for some reason.

My wife is a great cook so she always makes dinner, and after dinner, she clears the table and fill the dishwasher, but leaves the pots and pans, and other stuff for me to do the next morning.  I check the dishwasher every few days, and make sure the dishes are cleaned and put away before she gets up in the morning.

After dinner I head to my man cave, and she spends most of the night in her sewing room.

At bedtime, it’s time to bring out the Magic Wand, and for her to achieve a glorious orgasm.  It’s good that we are empty nesters, and our house sits on a large lot.  Her orgasms are extremely loud.  After, she wants my tongue between her legs, and she says she has another one, but not as loud.

As you can see, I go from early afternoon to bedtime without any sex.  I told her that since she keeps me horny all the time, she should give me a late afternoon tease session.  She said “no way I am going to take my clothes off just so you can lick my pussy for 10 minutes”.  “How about a late afternoon pee treat, and then let me lick your pussy and ass for a few minutes”.

She agreed, but so far it’s been hit a miss.  We will just have to wait and see how it goes…I really need it.


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