For those of you who don’t know, Locktober is when submissive men who are locked in a chastity cage, are forced by their dominant wife to go the whole month of October, locked in their cage without a release.

I am not locked in a chastity cage, but we practice Locktober by teasing and denying my orgasms for the whole month.  It may sound easy, but when you are taken to the edge multiple times every day, it’s hard not to have an accident and go over the edge.

Also, my wife loves to give me ruined orgasms every week or two, so I know she is tempted, during one of our tease sessions to just say “spoil it for me”.  So far, she has hung in there, even though I beg her to let me cum.  She can tell when I’m getting too close, and she tells me to stop.

After about 10 days of tease and deny, my balls start to ache, but it’s a good feeling.  It’s a constant reminder of just how horny I am.

If I make it through the whole month, I am promised a full blown orgasm on the 1st of November.  I haven’t had on of those in 10 months.

Wish me luck…please.


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