Locktober Pt2

I really, really, hate to admit this, but the very morning I wrote about my goal of going the whole month of October without an orgasm, and earning a full blown orgasm, guess what, I had an accident.

It was during our morning tease session, I was surfing the edge and getting really close, and Baby Doll told me to stop.  I begged her to allow me one more rub on her pussy and ass, and all of a sudden I felt myself starting to slip off the edge.  I stopped stimulation at once and laid little willy at the top of her pussy, and waited to see if anything was going to happen.  Three or four seconds later, cum dribbled out, and ran down the length of her pussy, and on to her ass, the result being a picture perfect creampie.  “Well, do your clean up duty.”  This is the best part of a ruined orgasm for both of us.  I am becoming quite the cum lover.

She didn’t punish me, because she loves giving me ruined orgasms, and she decided to give me another chance.  If I can make it to November 15, I will get my full blown orgasm.  She thinks I get moody and lazy after a full blown orgasm, so I know she is hoping I don’t make it.


7 thoughts on “Locktober Pt2

  1. Hi Dorinda,
    My wife sits on the edge of the bed, and pulls her knees up to her chest, and I kneel on the floor between her legs, and lick her pussy and tongue fuck her ass. Then I stand and rub little willy on her pussy and ass. I just go back and forth, generating huge amounts of pre cum. She can always tell when I’m about ready to blow, and then she tells me to stop.


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