“You cannot post that online”. 

A couple a days ago, I had an accident during one of our tease sessions.  I’m on my knees at the edge of the bed, licking her pussy and tongue fucking her ass…she knows I’m on the edge so she tells me to stop.  I beg for one more rub of little willy on her pussy, which she grants me.  After my rub, I kneel back down for another pussy lick, and I feel like little willy is about to go over the edge.  I quickly stand back up “oh no”, and place little willy at the top of her pussy, and three or four seconds later, cum dribbles out and runs down her pussy and on to her ass.

She might be disappointed with me, but she is not mad at me.  She just tell me to do my clean up duty and to stop the next time she tells me to stop.

After that, I told her what a beautiful, picture perfect cream pie it was…and that the next time she lets me have a ruined orgasm, she should let me take a picture to show her.  She agreed but said “you cannot post that online”.


4 thoughts on ““You cannot post that online”. 

  1. It has been a while since I lost control and had an unauthorized ruined orgasm like that, but I know the feeling when you think you can make it and suddenly you are over the edge.
    Was it purely from the excitement of pleasuring Her or were you touching yourself when you lost control?

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  2. I just got finished rubbing little willy on her pussy, and was kneeling down to get one last lick, when I felt like I might go over the edge, so I stood up and placed little willy on the top of her pussy and waited to see if something was going to happen. Four or Five seconds later cum just dribbled out.

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