I actually look at this as good news

I know my wife loves to allow me a ruined orgasm on occasion and if I beg her long enough for an orgasm, she will say “ok, but just a ruined orgasm”. Things seem to have changed, during our tease and deny session yesterday, I was begging for at least a ruined orgasm without any luck. She said that she just did not like my attitude even after a ruined orgasm, and I seem to lose energy while doing my household chores.

Yes, she does like the feeling of my cum ruining down the length of her pussy and onto her ass and she also likes for me to do my clean up duty, but she seems willing to give that up, because now, maybe because of my old age, even after a ruined orgasm, I no longer want to lick her pussy or tongue fuck her ass or even drink her pee. And there is also that problem of my lack of energy with my household chores.

I actually look at this as good news, she is becoming more dominant over her submissive husband. Since I’m gaining my control and not having accidents during our tease and deny sessions, I may never have another orgasm.

8 thoughts on “I actually look at this as good news

  1. cincy34,
    When I read this post it reminded me that years ago my wife and I seriously discussed ending my normal orgasms, in favor of orgasms from prostate milking. I can’t say I was overly excited about the prospect of only being teased and never stroked to release. I guess we envisioned we’d be that couple in our early 50s you often see; a well dressed bald guy with a brunette wife, who nobody would ever suspect is into chastity let alone only prostate orgasms. I remember we even went to a birthday party for a relative and my wife whispered, “by this time next year you might not be getting to cum at all.” She was being a nudge, but the thought excited us both. The problem was that we never really got milking to work except for a couple of times. It was a lot of work. A slender metal vibrator could drive me wild, but never enough to do much. So, we abandoned the idea though my wife still inserts the vibrator in me with plenty of lube for an amazing experience. Looking back I’m rather glad I wasn’t denied normal orgasms permanently.

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  2. Deepening of her dominance sounds very exciting. But no orgasms at all would be very drastic. Are you sure you could cope with it? Even though you thrive on strict orgasm denial (accompanied by frequent sexual teasing) as I guess most of us submissives do, you still long for those rare and precious moments when you are finally allowed to cum in one way or another, don’t you?
    My response to my very rare allowed orgasms is the same as yours and my wife’s observations are similar to those of your wife.

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    1. I know it would have been tough to never have old fashioned orgasms. I’m sure after some number of months I’d be begging for an orgasm or tearing my hair out from the frustration, well if I had any to speak of. Teasing would have made it very frustrating.

      It would have been very tough as I’m in my 50s now and I would have been in my late 40s. That’s young to never ever orgasm.

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      1. Since I’m about 70, maybe it’s not so bad. Just a few minutes ago I was licking my wife’s pussy and ass and rubbing little willy on her pussy and ass. I was leaking huge amounts of pre cum and begging for an orgasm, at least a ruined one, but no go, she knows that I will regret it. She knows how much I love being horny and on edge all the time.


  3. I think there is a good chance she will never allow me an orgasm, but I know there is a chance that sometime I will have an accident and a ruined orgasm. She won’t say so, but I know she will be ok with it.


    1. cincy34
      Do you regularly wear a chastity device? You might have to have one you can wear all the time, unless you are quite disciplined when it comes to not having orgasms.

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