I think she likes it.

Every morning around 5 am, I bury my face between my wife’s legs to wake her up, and lick her pussy and ass, then I kneel between her legs and rub little willy on her pussy and ass. I just go back and forth until I’m ready to cum and beg her to allow me to cum, but she always says “NO”, you can’t cum.

She reminds me that if she let me cum, after I cum I do not like the sub drop I feel and she doesn’t like my change in attitude for a few days. And then she rolls over and goes right back to sleep within around two minutes.

Some mornings I get a 5 am pee treat, but not this morning, I’ll have to wait to 9 am this morning.

10 thoughts on “I think she likes it.

  1. A very sexy dynamic here…your wife not allowing you to cum. I can appreciate how your attitude might change after you have released. Probably best for you and her that she keeps you on edge.

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  2. Every time she sees me naked walking around the house, she tells me to get some clothes on. I make breakfast and coffee, do the dishes, and the laundry, make the bed and change the sheets, vacuum the carpets. I also bring her ice water all day long (she drinks huge amounts of water), make her an ice cream sundae at noon, open and close car doors if we go out, and if its cool, I warm her towels in the dryer when she gets her shower. I try to predict anything she might want during the day. It’s all nothing compared to what she does for me.


  3. There are days when I wonder if my wife really cares about the orgasm control. I know it helps me be a better husband. It’s been about a year since I started it and our relationship has gotten a lot better. But it was all my idea and she thought it was odd. I think the things that matter most to her is me being more patient, listening to her, and giving her control of our savings. These things empowered her and makes her feel more secure. I have always done most of the house cleaning anyway but now I do all of it. She does seem to enjoy the baths. Her attitude has changed some. I think she intentionally leaves a mess in the kitchen each night for me to clean up in the morning (I sleep early and rise early). She will order me to prepare her bath and I am expected to wash all of her from head to toe. When she wants something she will yell out my name and I go to her immediately. She knows that turns me on. It wasn’t this way before I asked for the FLR. But I don’t think she see’s the benefit of me not having an orgasm and lately she has no interest in sex. When I ask for a cock tease with the vibrator she most always complies. If I have panties on she will give me an orgasm even if I beg her to stop. If I am nude she will stop when I am tell her I am getting close. I think it’s because I stand in front of her nude and she doesn’t want cum all over. So in a way I am able to control when I orgasm. I usually go for a week or two and start wanting release when my balls start aching. I wish she would learn to love to deny me like she has learned to love to order me around. And as I have said before – I wish she would get her sex drive back so I can lick her. I really need my tongue on her ass. In the past sometimes I would offer her $100 and she would let me lick her asshole (but can’t touch the pussy). Is that terrible – offering her $100? We are financially secure, no debt, and I have enough money in my own account. I am beginning to think she gets off on me paying her to lick her asshole. But I stopped offering money. I said a lot here. Comments are welcome

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    1. Jack, can you discuss this with her and ask her where she stands with all this? I am not sure how the two of you function financially. I mean, the money stays in the family, right? Does it in any way affect on what you or she can spend the money on? Paying her for sexual favors may even be a hot idea, as a symbol of your submissive status. I have payed my wife for sexual favors before, the implication being that with my small cock and premature ejaculation (caused by lengthy teasing sessions and weeks of orgasm denial) I could never satisfy any woman and so I had to pay for sex. Hot stuff, we do it sometimes. I even paid just to be allowed to smell, kiss and lick her feet or sniff her well-worn panties (pussy was off limits of course). Completely silly, but it sent my arousal through the roof. But this was all game, I am the major provider anyway and take care of family finances and love to buy stuff for her and to spoil her. That said, I have to ask for permission to buy expensive items now (this is no game). I also have to ask for permission to go out with friends at night, especially with any female friends. This used to be a half-serious game (her idea), now it is for real in most cases. She even grounds me or cancel previously granted permission if I do something to piss her off. If I rebel, I get punished (withdrawal of any sexual contacts for painfully long periods, I really don’t want to provoke that.

      Most femdom/FLR ideas in our relationship originated with me, she accepted some and even took some out of my hands completely (grounding and fixed curefew when I go out at night were her ideas). Yep, I got more than I bargained for in certain areas. While our relationship has always contained some elements of her sexual dominance, I count a moment 6 years ago, when she made an ultimatum to either stop fucking my hand or forget about ever fucking her pussy again as a real turning point. She forced me to stop masturbating and it was her idea! Within 2-3 years she gradually took control of all my orgasms and of all sex. I no longer get sex when I want and vaginal intercourse is a rare and special treat, as are blowjobs. I haven’t been allowed to ejaculate in her pussy for more than 4 years no. I also have to earn the privilege to eat pussy, but I get that a lot, since she loves it so much. Many times I can only lick or smell her asshole, with pussy remaining off limits and reserved to be fucked with her favorite vibrating dildos (all bigger than my cock) that I use to bring her to orgasm. I must say my wife certainly enjoys her control over my sexuality and my orgasms in particular. Sex is all about her now and I wouldn’t want to go back to free sex and masturbation. Ironically, we have far more sex now than 6 years ago, my wife gets many more orgasms now and I get only a fraction of what I used to have, and only when she allows it and in the way she wants it. I like to be her sex slave and obey her and her dominance is becoming visible also in other areas of our life.

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  4. I think paying her $199 to be allowed to lick her ass is really hot, I would be so turned on. Since you are financially secure, you should be paying her a couple of times a week.


  5. This morning I brought up with my wife the subject of me paying her to lick her asshole. She said yes I must pay her next time. The only time I lick her asshole is after I give her a bath, so I’ll bring it up again then.

    When I brought this up with her, she declared that I also must pay her when I orgasm. I do not like that because then she will make me cum a lot. She does seem willing to negotiate. Maybe I agree to pay her to let me cum but only a maximum of once every 2 or 3 weeks? And if I beg her to cum before the time is up (and she complies) it cost me twice as much. Maybe that will lead to more teasing and denial? Maybe it is just too complicated. I want to minimize my orgasms. If I cum a lot I will lose interest because I will no longer feel incredibly horny all the time. I really do not like the idea of paying her to make me cum. My wife has never given me a BJ and will never allow my cock in her mouth. When she makes me cum it’s with the vibrator – period!

    I am not sure how I would describe this new arrangement with my wife. What kind of a man would pay his wife to lick her asshole? Especially when I am not allowed intercourse and not allowed to lick the pussy. Would this be considered being submissive to my wife? Will it make my wife feel more dominance over me? I don’t care for intercourse either but it would be nice to lick her pussy once in a while and not have to pay to cum.

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    1. “What kind of a man would pay his wife to lick her asshole?”
      A very submissive horny and pussy&orgasm deprived man perhaps? 😀

      Seriously, you need to discuss this with your wife if it bothers to. On the surface it looks like another spicy kinky element of a femdom relationship. I would (and did) pay to be allowed to lick my wife’s anus! And I would be close to cumming from the humiliation and arousal. You need to agree on the rules of your femdom/FLR relationship. But once that is done, as a submissive you must accept her authority. If she says no pussy, then no pussy for you. If you agreed to be charged for ass licking, you pay. Otherwise revise this rules.

      My wife and I didn’t set any fixed rules and don’t need them, but I realize some couples (most even) may require a set of agreed on rules that can be modified and fine tuned as you go.

      As far as I am concerned, if I was permanently denied pussy licking, I would call for a time out. It is my hard limit, I cannot live without the taste, smell, touch of my wife’s womanhood. Asshole too. I need this outlet of eating both my wife’s love holes to orgasm. If I have to earn it and don’t get it often, fine, but I need to know how to earn it. I would accept complete and permanent ban on vaginal sex though even though I would be very upset. There is huge psychological difference between very rarely and never.


  6. I would pay my wife to allow me to lick her ass but it will never be necessary. My wife gives me a blow job every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, I just can’t cum. I just finished my 5 am pussy an ass lick, and at 9 I will get another lick and rub plus a pee treat. Sounds like things are going to get really expensive for you.


  7. Sounds like a perfect kinky and harmonious relationship with a dominant female. I don’t think she would be doing it just to indulge you if she wasn’t enjoying at least some elements of it. Good for you Cincy!

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