“That’s gross”

It happened, I had an accident and a ruined orgasm after 29 days. I am an old guy so it’s going to take more than a couple of hours to come back from my sub drop. My wife probably needed a break from me begging to lick her pussy all the time. I think she led me over the edge on purpose.

It happened during my Wednesday morning blow job, I pulled little willy out of her mouth but it was to late, I cupped my hand and waited for a few seconds, and cum dribbled out in my hand. I looked down at my hand filled with cum and asked her if I could lick it up.

“That’s gross” she said, come over here and let it drip on my pussy and then you can lick it up,”now isn’t that much better”, “Yes Ma’am”.

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      1. Hi Tom! Great question. I’ve only had a few in my lifetime, and I have no idea if this is the equivalent to a ruined orgasm in a male. But, what I would call a ruined orgasm is when my body physically begins to cum, but my mind is suddenly taken away from what is happening. I remember this happening once a few years ago. I was just about to cum, and someone rang our doorbell. Immediately our dogs began barking like crazy. All the physical acts of the orgasm happened…the pulsing, the sudden flowing of juices, etc…but my mind wasn’t there…it was like I missed my own orgasm! So, for me, this is what I call a ruined orgasm.

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      2. Thanks Nora. I understand what you mean. In my book that would be another type of ruined orgasm because of the “mind taken away” component, maybe unique to women? And it certainly sounds like a “bad” ruined orgasm, I guess it must be very unpleasant for you to go through it.

        When my orgasms are ruined, my mind is very much there and focused on cumming, but it gets deprived of orgasmic pleasure it is expecting (I cannot find a better explanation). One physical component (orgasmic pleasure) is somehow separated from ejaculation and snuffed or stiffled (completely for the “bad” kind and only partially for the “good” one), while the other physical component (ejaculation) still happens, with spasmic contraction nearly as strong as normally for the “bad” ruined orgasm and with mild, slow and delayed contractions for the “good” one. It feels as if with the “good” ruined orgasm the fun is not over yet, it is just postponed and can still happen if the stimulation resumes, while with the “bad” one it is definitely over. It is this combination of stolen orgasmic bliss and nearly normal spasmic ejaculation that makes it so frustrating and really “bad” for me.

        I am not sure I have ever experienced your kind of orgasm ruining because for me the orgasm is utterly physical. I remember our daughter walking on me and my wife while we we both close to orgasm. She was riding my cock and I was on the edge. I know that I stopped thrusting and what followed felt pretty much like a “good” ruined orgasm; I did ejaculate a little and it felt like a weak and quick orgasm, like an orgasm not worth bothering for. But I didn’t lose erection or my desire to fuck and I wanted to continue when the daughter went away. The wife however, completely lost all interest in it, the feeling and the mood was gone for her and nobody on earth could make her cum at that point.
        So, my mind was taken away and this caused an interruption of the coitus which defaulted me into a ruined orgasm. You see, purely physical, if my wife kept stimulating me I think I would have a normal orgasm with my mind somewhere else. Certainly not as good as if I was still focused on fucking my wife, but still a full orgasm for me. I think.

        You girls certainly seem to experience the orgasm differently from us guys. That is why I asked. I can be forced into orgasm against my will, even if I am angry or something. There is absolutely no way I can bring my woman to orgasm if she’s not in the mood.

        I love learning about what makes you women tick (not that I will ever really understand you), you girls are the most wonderful creatures in the world, so thanks for another insight.

        Sorry Cincy for hijacking your thread.

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    1. My wife allowed me to try to ruin her orgasms for 4 or 5 days in a row. She said it was terrible, major frustration, I don’t think she could have lasted much longer. Would love to try it again, but not sure she would allow it.

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  1. I am reposting this, since there was something wrong the first time. Please remove it if it appears as a duplicate.

    I experience two different kinds of ruined orgasms, the good and the bad one and there is a very thin line between the two.

    With the good ruined orgasm, the stimulation is withdrawn before any ejaculation. It is frustrating and pleasant at the same time, my penis is twitching at maximum hardness and after a while semen starts to dribble out or maybe even spurts out a little. Tha quantity of sperm is a lot less than normally. There is a feeling of a weak and only partially satisfying orgasm. The most important thing: there is nearly no drop in horniness or erection, and after a couple of tens of seconds, I am good to go again. I can do this deliberately (and even lick my cum without getting disgusted), but it is very difficult to stop stimulation at the right moment.

    With the bad ruined orgasms, the stimulation is withdrawn a little later, one or two strokes of the penis (or thrusts into vagina) after the point of the good ruined orgasm. Ejaculation has just started and contiues after removal of stimulation, but the real orgasmic feeling is missing! Extremely frustrating and humiliating, I cannot do this to myself, but my wife can and does. I keep thrusting into thin air if she moved her pussy out of reach and holds my arms pinned down so that I cannot finish with my hand. After this I am as spent as after a full orgasm, the postorgasmic recuperation is needed and my cock is hypersensitive to any further stimulation. Even though I had no orgasm, I just ejaculated (a lot more than with the good ruined orgasm, but less than with full orgasm).

    Cincy, yours seems like a mixture of my good and bad ruined orgasm. I love the good ones, but loath the bed ones, but it turns me on to remember my wife’s domination with purposefully ruining orgasms for me.g

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  2. I seldom have the good ones anymore, where I don’t feel and pleasure and stay horny. Most of mine, I feel a little pleasure but my sub drop may last a full day vs 3 to 4 days for a full blown orgasm. I guess that’s why I never get a full blown orgasm anymore. It’s been a while, but I’ve been given permission to take a Viagra this morning…I’m very excited.

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    1. It’s really interesting how we experience ruined orgasms differently. For you the “good” one gives you no pleasure, while for me it is pleasurable, but the intensity of pleasure is low. Maybe the pleasure is due to retained horniness and knowledge that I can go on and it is not over yet (even if I am not allowed to go on) and I can resist the temptation to stroke it if my hands a free.
      And you say that you experience some pleasure with the “bad” one. For me the bad ruined orgasm feels like the orgasmic pleasure is just around the corner, but it never arrives and I want it so badly that if I am not restrained I cannot resist the temptation to keep thrusting in desperation to get some friction (when my wife interrupts the coitus and pulls away) or to masturbate. I must look very funny and pathetic pushing my dick into air with my wife’s womanhood so close and out of reach. I don’t perceive this as pleasurable in any way, except as an act of utter submission to my wife’s will, which I only start to enjoy later when I start getting horny again. For me it takes about half an hour to feel horny again and much longer to get useful erection back.

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