Wow, now your hard.

I am so lucky, my wife allows me to share in all her orgasms. Every other night I sit between her legs while she works the Magic Wand on her clit. It usually takes her about 10 minutes to get off, and then she wants me to lick her pussy and ass, because she says it extends her orgasm. It’s the closest I ever get to a full blown orgasm and it’s something I need.

In the morning, she gives me a pee treat and two tease and deny sessions, one before her shower and one after her shower. Yesterday I took a Viagra hoping for some PIV, but not only did it not work, but I was very light headed. I may have to stop Viagra, hate to even think about that.

Anyway, in the afternoon I am laying on the couch and I ask her if I can masturbate, and she said “ok, just be careful and not cum”. Well, after a few minutes, I asked her if she would suck it for me (not my day for a blow job), but she said she would, but in the bedroom.

Wow, now your hard, she said as I begged her to let me cum. She didn’t reply but she stopped just before I went over the edge.

So that’s how it usually goes in the day of a married submissive, except for the housework of course.

I’m ready for a great Christmas, and I wish every one a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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