Who knows

My wife is not a mean dominant, she always wants the best for other people including me. She accepts me as her true submissive and not just a sex game we play. We are retired and I handle the investments but she decides how we spend money…a new sewing machine, and new deck on our house, or new gutters, or new washing machine and dryer. I just keep her up to date on our investments in the stock market every month.

Since I’m her submissive, she allows me to do a lot of the housework, and she allows me to do a lot of little things for her during the day. In return she caters to all me kinks but one. 1st thing in the morning I am allowed to lick her pussy and ass for a few minutes…after I start breakfast and she takes her shower. When finished with her shower, she calls me back to the bedroom so I can continue licking her pussy and ass.

Some of my other kinks:

She teases and denies my orgasms, maybe forever, except for ruined orgasms.

She allows me to drink her pee every day, well it hasn’t been every day for a while.

She allowed me to post nude pics or her online.

The one kink she will not allow is to make me her submissive cuckold and fuck other men, but she does have a fantasy bull that she fucks, and she wears a hot wife anklet for me. I’m working on trying to make the fantasy real, but I can’t push her. Our next door neighbor has the hots for her, so who knows.

3 thoughts on “Who knows

  1. I think it is great that you have the morning routine to start the day. Does she ever deny you access to her ass or pussy as a punishment for doing something wrong?
    Me and my wife don’t have a routine like that and I have to earn the access to parts of her body that she knows so well that turn me on. Not just pussy and anus. She also doesn’t let me drink her golden nectar, but she does let me lick her after peeing. It is incredibly erotic for me and makes me feel so deliciously submissive.

    Just like your wife mine rejects the possibility of actually cuckolding me (I fantasize about my wife having sex with a well endowed lover a lot and she knows it and that I would like to be actively involved), but she has two colleagues who at one time or another hinted at being interested in her, so she makes up kinky stories about them to indulge me. I know one of them and if his bulge is anything to go by, he must be really big. Even my wife (who says that she doesn’t notice such things) noticed it and admitted that in some perfect world she would love to play with a big cock again…

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  2. The only time I can’t lick her pussy and ass is in the middle of the day, unless she wants to give me a pee treat. After my pee treat I can lick her pussy and ass for a couple of minutes only. I always want more. but she just gets up and walks out of the room.

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    1. Lol, I think I know exactly how that feels, always wanting some more and the mistress telling you you’ve had enough! I am like that! And unless my wife wants sex and orgasm, she would let me go down on her for a while and then push me away after some time, telling me I had enough. I always, and I mean ALWAYS beg for more. Sometimes she gives in, sometimes she even gets turned on enough to let me eat her out to orgasm. But mostly, a no is a no and if I don’t give up I may get punished for it.
      She also likes to play with me, like, I can lick the ass, but not the pussy, or just kiss the pussy, or lick along the labia but not put my tongue inside… In short, she likes to have full control and me sexually on the edge (needy and obedient).


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