My Fantasy.

I don't know what it is about being teased and denied orgasms for long periods of time, but for me, I have developed a fantasy of my wife having sex with other men.  I want her to make me her submissive cuckold. She was shocked and upset when I brought this up to her, and … Continue reading My Fantasy.


“You cannot post that online”. 

A couple a days ago, I had an accident during one of our tease sessions.  I'm on my knees at the edge of the bed, licking her pussy and tongue fucking her ass...she knows I'm on the edge so she tells me to stop.  I beg for one more rub of little willy on her … Continue reading “You cannot post that online”. 

Locktober Pt2

I really, really, hate to admit this, but the very morning I wrote about my goal of going the whole month of October without an orgasm, and earning a full blown orgasm, guess what, I had an accident. It was during our morning tease session, I was surfing the edge and getting really close, and … Continue reading Locktober Pt2


For those of you who don't know, Locktober is when submissive men who are locked in a chastity cage, are forced by their dominant wife to go the whole month of October, locked in their cage without a release. I am not locked in a chastity cage, but we practice Locktober by teasing and denying … Continue reading Locktober